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At 2:34 AM February 17th, Felicia Day woke from a fever dream with an epiphany: Geek & Sundry needs to highlight some of the most unique, diverse and just AMAZING voices from around the Internet. Borne from her lightning bolt of greatness, we've handpicked vloggers to amuse, intrigue and connect with to become Geek & Sundry Vlogs. From comics to cosplay --and every geeky subject in between -- our vloggers offer the best in geek from all over the world. Don't believe us? Take a look... And don't forget to subscribe!'

Vlogger Schedule

Vloggers Post Every Other Week
Monday 8 AM: WordPlay with Nika Harper

3 PM: Dael Kingsmill
8 AM: Sachie

3 PM: Songs of Adventure
Tuesday 8 AM: Teri Litorco

3 PM: Scott Tumilty
Guest Vloggers
Wednesday 8 AM: Jeff Lewis

3 PM: Kiri Callaghan
8 AM: Amy Dallen

3 PM: Akeem Lawanson
Thursday 8 AM: Paul Mason

3 PM: Cristina Viseu
8 AM: Katie Satow

3 PM: Mitch Hutts
Friday 8 AM: James "Tigermonkey" Isaacs

3 PM: 2 Broke Geeks
8 AM: Geeking Out

3 PM: Holland Farkas
8AM Tuesday 3PM
8AM Thursday 3PM
8AM Wednesday 3PM
Kiri Callaghan Philosophy Behind Geekery
8AM Wednesday 3PM
8AM Friday 3PM